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Why You Never See “CHILD OBESITY” That Actually Works

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Nowadays most of the mother are very worried about the child’s eating and drinking. Obstruction of children is called ‘obi’ in medical science. OBC is a deadly health problem. Obesity of children and adolescents around the world has increased ten times in the last four decades. At present, there are 124 million children in the world are extra fat, ie extra thicker. In the year 2017, the UK-based influential public health and medical journal Lancet the study, conducted in over 200 countries, is the world’s largest obesity research, according to the BBC.

Obesity reasonObesity reason: The reason for the extra weight of the baby is that they accept daily calorie that does not burn. Children who play hide and seek, football, badminton etc. physical work that is, Instead of sports such as TV, computer, games become addicted to the dormant entertainment or less walking calories start to grow in their body. And in the accumulation of calories it is converted into obesity. Children are now more addicted to the soft drinks, fast foods, chocolates, chips. Among those who are more addicted to fatty foods and fast food, they have more obesity problem.


Nowadays children are less sleepyNowadays children are less sleepy. This reduces leptin levels and increase grill levels in their body. As a result, children are more interested extra taste or eating, that is the cause OBC is appearing. Apart from the hormonal problems and due to Genealogy, child obesity problems may arise. That is, if someone has an obesity problem in ancestor your child may also be affected later. Obesity problem can be at any age. However, it is usually seen in small cases. So be careful to avoid child over obesity problems during childhood. Consult the doctor if needed.

Child ObesityThe dangers of extra weight: If you cannot bring obesity over time, problems such as heart disease hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver disease, hand, legs, head and waist pain can occur. Even normal performance may be reduced. Hormonal-related discrepancies may also occur other than the teenage girl and later on

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