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The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Diabetes


Every family has some people. who been affected by diabetes. Every 11% people in the world have diabetes.
According to the World Health Organization, every family person should be aware of diabetes.
diabetes is one of the diseases that can be affected by eating habit,
the lifestyle of everyday habits is intensive.

The family can stopThe family can stop:

About 70 percent of type 2 diabetes can be prevented. If in a family, balanced eating habits, disciplined life-styles are practiced, family members can get protection from the disease. For balanced food, we understand 50-60 percent of the diet in the daily diet, 20 percent fat and 20 percent fat. Foods with extra calories such as Fast Food, Oil-Fat Foods, Soft Drinks, Artificial Juices, Avoid More Sugar or Creamy Bakery. Accept vegetables, fruits, frozen foods and whole grains made of cereals. children are getting accustomed to various types of preserved frozen foods, fast food, and soft drinks bought, synthetic juices. This practice raises their risk of diabetes. Eating habits develop at home. Not only that, the family would like to dislike dishes from childhood. In some family, the beef is running every day, and somebody in the home, there will be more vegetables. Every day the burgers come out from the Tiffin box in the school, there is a tiffin box of any child in the fruit. This habit creates the family. Many of the family’s role in weight control too. Urgent with it is physically active. Parents play badminton with their children, buy bicycles, take them to market or work in the garden. Changes in family outlook on physical labor are important for healthy living.

When the family member has diabetesWhen the family member has diabetes:

Those who have been diagnosed with diabetes cannot be broken. His life has ended, there will be no more-it will have to come out of this attitude. Reassure that he has nothing to lose except for a slight change in his life. Help to keep track of its perfect diet chart. For regular walking or exercise, help him find out at least 30 to 45 minutes daily in a family job. If you want to eat or roam anywhere, keep an eye on the food during your selection. Find out if he has medicines or insulin. One day a week to learn all about the sugar (glucomate) test. This is very important.  Not only to know the condition of blood sugar, If you suddenly become sick due to sudden blood sugar, but you can also save his life by doing this one test. A diabetic patient needs regular kidneys, eyes and more checkups. It is necessary to have a family role to go to the doctor for the time being. Neglect of the family A diabetic patient may push the patient towards various complications.

pregnant diabetes and family of womenpregnant diabetes and family of women:

The young woman with diabetes in pregnancy becomes very worried at first, Fear of taking insulin and worrying about the health of the child. At this time, the support of her own and husband’s family is very much needed. Taking insulin in 10 months, Only she and the child can stay healthy if she is able to monitor blood sugar regularly and check for a regular doctor. Again, after every child’s birth, when everyone starts to enjoy the newborn, then do not forget about the mother. Care should be taken after childbirth, whether the blow is drying properly, whether the blood sugar has come down, whether it has been tested again in the 6 to 12 weeks of the glucose tolerance test. The advice will be needed when planning the next childbirth.

Child diabetes and familyChild diabetes and family:

The children are mainly infected with type 1 diabetes. It can be a child of any age. This baby needs special care. regular insulin and hypoglycemia do not have to be done, it should be noted that proper growth and development should be done.

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