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Why You Never See “CHILD OBESITY” That Actually Works

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Nowadays most of the mother are very worried about the child’s eating and drinking. Obstruction of children is called ‘obi’ in medical science. OBC is a deadly health problem. Obesity of children and adolescents around the world has increased ten times in the last four decades. At present, there are 124 million children in the world are extra fat, ie extra thicker. In the year 2017, the UK-based influential public health and medical journal Lancet the study, conducted in over 200 countries, is the world’s largest obesity research, according to the BBC.

Obesity reasonObesity reason: The reason for the extra weight of the baby is that they accept daily calorie that does not burn. Children who play hide and seek, football, badminton etc. physical work that is, Instead of sports such as TV, computer, games become addicted to the dormant entertainment or less walking calories start to grow in their body. And in the accumulation of calories it is converted into obesity. Children are now more addicted to the soft drinks, fast foods, chocolates, chips. Among those who are more addicted to fatty foods and fast food, they have more obesity problem.


Nowadays children are less sleepyNowadays children are less sleepy. This reduces leptin levels and increase grill levels in their body. As a result, children are more interested extra taste or eating, that is the cause OBC is appearing. Apart from the hormonal problems and due to Genealogy, child obesity problems may arise. That is, if someone has an obesity problem in ancestor your child may also be affected later. Obesity problem can be at any age. However, it is usually seen in small cases. So be careful to avoid child over obesity problems during childhood. Consult the doctor if needed.

Child ObesityThe dangers of extra weight: If you cannot bring obesity over time, problems such as heart disease hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver disease, hand, legs, head and waist pain can occur. Even normal performance may be reduced. Hormonal-related discrepancies may also occur other than the teenage girl and later on

Health Health Tips



Sunflower seeds are a good source of fatty acids by keeping the skin elastic and keeping the skin smooth and soft. Have you ever noticed healthy snacks are always talking about nuts and seeds? Among the different types of seeds, sunflower seeds are very delicate. There are so many Delicious foods are made with it. There are adequate health ingredients have this Sweet almond seeds, for example, minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Sunflower seeds improve the body’s various diseases and protect the body in many ways. Find out the benefits of sunflower seeds-

Anti-inflammatory componentsAnti-inflammatory components:

Sunflower seeds have a rich quality Vitamin ‘E’ which acts as an anti-oxidant and reduce the heat levels in the body. Osteoarthritis, asthma, and arthritis are cured by playing it regularly.

Strengthen the bonesStrengthen the bones:

Magnesium and calcium are very important for bone health. Sunflower seeds are a very good source of minerals, so it helps in forming healthy bones.


These seeds contain high-quality phytosterol and ligans which are resistant to cancer. These components do not allow cancer cells to be created in the body.

Removes the age of impressionRemoves the age of impression:

It has anti-aging properties, which does not let the age-old impression on the skin. Vitamin ‘E’ and Beta-carotene make the skin greasy youthful and keeps the luminosity. Beta-carotene keeps the skin free from the harmful effects of the sun and vitamin ‘E’ does not let the age of impression.

Prevent hair fallPrevent hair fall:

Vitamin B6 in sunflower seeds, which supplies oxygen to the scalp of the head, prevent hair fall and helps to grow healthy new hair. There is also copper, which keeps the normal color of the hair.

Keep the skin soft:

Sunflower seeds are a good source of fatty acids which keeps skin elastic and keep skin smooth and soft.

Removes unwanted spotsRemoves unwanted spots:

Collagen and ilastin by making fatty acids remove the stain on the skin. There are also antibacterial properties, which protects against bacterial infections.

Helps reduce cholestero


Helps reduce cholesterol:

This seed contains phytosterols, which reduces blood cholesterol levels.

Keeps the nervous system goodKeeps the nervous system good:

Magnesium nerve cell in lower the level of extra calcium helps the nervous system work properly. In addition to these benefits, sunflower seeds have triphotone,  a type of amino acids. Which helps in the body production of serotonin. Serotonin is such an element, which removes fatigue, anxiety, and frustration.

Health Health Tips

10 Things You Have In Common With TOXIN-FREE FOODS


If the food is too cooked or fried is destroyed in excess of the food value. There are toxins in more fried foods. The metabolic process becomes lazy when these foods containing toxins enter the body. This may result in digestion. You can eat seasonal fruits with semi-finished foods and plenty of salad. Everyday food, drinks, and pollution are entering our body through various means. It is very harmful to the body. Due to an increase in toxin levels, health losses can occur. Sadly, this terrible element is entering the body through the food we take. We do not know, the toxic elements are hidden in our favorite foods. For example,

various means. It is very harmful to the body. Due to the increase in toxin levels, health losses can occur. Sadly, this terrible element is entering the body through the food we take. We do not know, the toxic elements are hidden in our favorite foods. For example,



caffeine contains coffee. Due to taking extra caffeine, the efficiency of the adrenal gland decreases, so it becomes weak. On the morning breakfast, white bread also has toxic elements, which can damage the skin with headaches, indigestion, fatigue, depression. On the other hand, any soft drinks contain toxins, which damage the gum and tooth. The amount of toxin that is used in fried food can damage the stomach and skin. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on dietary habits. It has to be said here-

Light hot water lemon juice

 Light hot water lemon juice:

Wake up in the morning and drink half a lemon in the light hot water. Then breakfast after 15-3ominutes.  The lemon contains vitamin C, potassium and salivary components, Which activates the body’s enzyme and stimulates the liver. As a result, the toxin goes out adrenal gland from the body. also hasBesides, drink mixed half lemon and half teaspoon vinegar in water. Toxins caffeine contains removed from the Stockbody.


Every day a cup of chicken or beef stock is very beneficial for the body. Add to the stock carrots, spinach, onion, garlic etc.



Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is very good at removing the toxin. If you have received 70 percent dark chocolate, then increase it to 80percent without any thought.




The food cooked with ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, and turmeric, removes the body Toxins. So this kind of spices always uses in cooking.


Eat semi-cooked foods Eat semi-cooked foods:

If the food is too cooked or fried is destroyed in excess of the food value. There are toxins in more fried foods. The metabolic process becomes lazy when these foods containing toxins enter the body. This may result in indigestion. You can eat seasonal fruits with semi-finished foods and plenty of salad.



medicinal ingredients

The medicinal ingredients should be on the routine:

 Nymphs and Ciratara juice can be used to remove toxins and prevent other infectious diseases.  Amloki, hirakaki and the bears all night Soak in the water. Drink the water the next morning.



Say no to sugar:

 Sugar causes problems in digestion and increases blood sugar levels. In this case body, vitamin artificial suitors are harmful too.



Yoga Yoga:

Yoga, and stimulates loss some sweats in the body vitamin C a result of contraction and expansion of the muscles of the body, the toxin will pass through sweating. Under the daily routine, breathe deeply for 8-10 minutes gradually reduce your breath.

Health Health Tips



If you see yourself sitting alone in the house at the end of the day, others in the house may think that you are frustrated. But a time spent is anxiety and not wastage of time, because there is a difference between to time yourself and loneliness. Being alone does not mean loneliness. Solving itself is a physical and emotional demand that is the mental need. It involves physical and mental healing. On the other hand, when a person is separated from each other for a specific reason, then he had told to be alone or mentally depressed, which is harmful to overall health.

According to scientific explanation, when a person gives time to solitude, then it became profitable for his physical and mental health. To make life more thoughtful, dynamic, successful and productive, mental experts believe that they should be alone for a specific time of day alone. Find out the benefits of-

Make good decisions

Make good decisions:

Studies have shown, at what time we live alone, at that time our brain could make good decisions, can solve complex problems and come back enthusiasm, which is not possible in the racket or in public places.



Relieved from stress

Relieved from stress:

Brain pressure is created in everyday activities, chat with friends, meetings etc. Stay alone at specific times of the day. At this time, what you like, which feels good, do so. Removal of fatigue will return to body and mind.


Problem solve

Problem solve:

Many times talking or discussing with others cannot be solved. Because your brain will have to take information but for analyzing it, there is a need for fair trial time. Take that time. Analyzing it, there is a need for fair trial time. Take that time.


Positive and fair life

Positive and fair life:

Desolation makes life easier. What did all day, how successful your day’s plan was, how much is incomplete, what can be done to be successful, This is the part of the day when you think and decide? In addition to these complications of relationships and solving the problems, it can be an important time.



You’re working at home and Working outside. Various responsibilities are being taken. Free yourself from all ties in any part of the day. Spend time in the lonely corridor, spend time alone on the roof or in a quiet place. You will gradually see that all your work is being done properly.

Health Health Tips

The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Diabetes


Every family has some people. who been affected by diabetes. Every 11% people in the world have diabetes.
According to the World Health Organization, every family person should be aware of diabetes.
diabetes is one of the diseases that can be affected by eating habit,
the lifestyle of everyday habits is intensive.

The family can stopThe family can stop:

About 70 percent of type 2 diabetes can be prevented. If in a family, balanced eating habits, disciplined life-styles are practiced, family members can get protection from the disease. For balanced food, we understand 50-60 percent of the diet in the daily diet, 20 percent fat and 20 percent fat. Foods with extra calories such as Fast Food, Oil-Fat Foods, Soft Drinks, Artificial Juices, Avoid More Sugar or Creamy Bakery. Accept vegetables, fruits, frozen foods and whole grains made of cereals. children are getting accustomed to various types of preserved frozen foods, fast food, and soft drinks bought, synthetic juices. This practice raises their risk of diabetes. Eating habits develop at home. Not only that, the family would like to dislike dishes from childhood. In some family, the beef is running every day, and somebody in the home, there will be more vegetables. Every day the burgers come out from the Tiffin box in the school, there is a tiffin box of any child in the fruit. This habit creates the family. Many of the family’s role in weight control too. Urgent with it is physically active. Parents play badminton with their children, buy bicycles, take them to market or work in the garden. Changes in family outlook on physical labor are important for healthy living.

When the family member has diabetesWhen the family member has diabetes:

Those who have been diagnosed with diabetes cannot be broken. His life has ended, there will be no more-it will have to come out of this attitude. Reassure that he has nothing to lose except for a slight change in his life. Help to keep track of its perfect diet chart. For regular walking or exercise, help him find out at least 30 to 45 minutes daily in a family job. If you want to eat or roam anywhere, keep an eye on the food during your selection. Find out if he has medicines or insulin. One day a week to learn all about the sugar (glucomate) test. This is very important.  Not only to know the condition of blood sugar, If you suddenly become sick due to sudden blood sugar, but you can also save his life by doing this one test. A diabetic patient needs regular kidneys, eyes and more checkups. It is necessary to have a family role to go to the doctor for the time being. Neglect of the family A diabetic patient may push the patient towards various complications.

pregnant diabetes and family of womenpregnant diabetes and family of women:

The young woman with diabetes in pregnancy becomes very worried at first, Fear of taking insulin and worrying about the health of the child. At this time, the support of her own and husband’s family is very much needed. Taking insulin in 10 months, Only she and the child can stay healthy if she is able to monitor blood sugar regularly and check for a regular doctor. Again, after every child’s birth, when everyone starts to enjoy the newborn, then do not forget about the mother. Care should be taken after childbirth, whether the blow is drying properly, whether the blood sugar has come down, whether it has been tested again in the 6 to 12 weeks of the glucose tolerance test. The advice will be needed when planning the next childbirth.

Child diabetes and familyChild diabetes and family:

The children are mainly infected with type 1 diabetes. It can be a child of any age. This baby needs special care. regular insulin and hypoglycemia do not have to be done, it should be noted that proper growth and development should be done.

Health Health Tips

How Can Prevent Pneumonia Shortcuts – The Easy Way


HOW CAN PREVENT PNEUMONIA Shortcuts - The Easy WayPneumonia means lung inflammation. Anyone who can lead to pneumonia. However, the risk of pneumonia is less than five years old. Things which increase the risk of pneumonia include malnutrition, low birth weight, children who did not breastfeed, those who did not properly vaccinate, live in unhealthy damp conditions, live in the environment that smokes adults. People who are suffering from prolonged illness and older persons, who have less immunity, are also at risk of this disease. Suddenly there is no diversion of young, low-level healthy people affected by pneumonia in the excessive cold. Due to smoking, lung injury, chemotherapy or any medicines, disease prevention and uncontrolled diabetes should be cautious. Pneumonia can occur when a person with a poultice is paused or when swallowing food or water in the lungs. Call it Aspiration Pneumonia. Symptoms of pneumonia include fever, cough, shivering, chest pain, trouble breathing etc. If these types of risks occur, then the doctor should be patient.


If you have pneumonia, you need to take rest, drink plenty of water, and take appropriate antibiotics and correct duration according to your doctor’s suggestion. Many people use antibiotics in the form of fever-coughs, which can lead to stronger germs. Problems can also become complicated. Remember, if pneumonia cannot be controlled properly, life may be endangered by spreading blood infections.


PREVENT PNEUMONIADo not smoke. Get balanced food. Live in a healthy environment. Wash hands thoroughly from the outside. Use napkins or tissues while sneezing. Give children vaccinations for a long time. An elderly and diseased person can take the influenza vaccine. Do not feed any newborn baby except breast milk, and for six months the mother’s milk will continue. Do not use antibiotics due to non-causal fever-cough.

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